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Who is on the Peony Advisory Board?


The Peony Advisory Board membership in 2018 is listed below. More information about their roles is in the Peony Resources section of our website.

APS = American Peony Society member

CPS = Canadian Peony Society member


First Name Last Name Affiliation Web Page
Carol Adelman Adelman's Peony Garden APS
Harvey Buchite Hidden Springs Flower Farm APS
Peggy Cornett Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants
Lindsay D'Aoust La Pivoinerie D'Aoust CPS
Donald Hollingsworth Hollingsworth Peonies APS
Jeff Jabco Scott Arboretum / Mid-Atlantic APS
Reiner Jakubowski International Peony Registrar for APS. Also member CPS  
Scott Kunst Old House Gardens
Scott Parker Wisconsin Peony Society / APS  
Donald Smith Sylvan Gardens / Midwest Peony Society APS
James Waddick Heartland Peony Society